Lagoon 560

The 560 gave Lagoon a clear lead in terms of comfort, ergonomics, and style, merging the VPLP architectural firm’s world-renowned expertise with the design consultants Nauta.

The flybridge is a veritable saloon on the upper deck (access via closable staircase). Its helmet station offers excellent visibility and includes a splendid sunbathing spot at the back. The cockpit is entirely protected from sun and sea spray and is on the same level as the galley kitchen (center galley version), saloon, and table board. Includes a large glass sliding door and a wide and functional Cockpit foredeck. Transom platforms designed specifically for safe embarking

A wide range of layouts with 4 or 5 cabins ensures that each owner finds in comfort provided by Nauta Design the answer to their cruising program. The cockpit is directly accessible from the cabin (starboard) and guest cabin (port) of the owner (or from the galley in the variant “port-side galley”). The cabin has a bedroom, separate washroom, and easy access to the cockpit. Guest cabins come with VIP rooms with separate toilets. In the “central galley” variant, the saloon consists of a lounge area and an “L-shaped” galley divided by a storage room, which can also accommodate a TV on the lounge side of a lift mechanism. The saloon includes a galley in an L-shaped form divided by a storage unit that can also accommodate a TV set on the saloon side.

The 4-cabin variant with its galley in port hull includes a cabin next to the galley with two bunk berths: a truly private space for your crew, with direct access from the galley to the cockpit. The lounge is big, with no galley to fill space. The table of the map is forward-facing and comes with an electronic fold-away control board. The new Lagoon 560 electronic control station is quick, user friendly, and effective. The massive hull lights ensure excellent natural lighting in the cabins. In the saloon and cabins, indirect lighting provides effective yet relaxing lighting. The engine compartments are isolated from the living room and are completely isomerized.

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