Whatever you have read or heard about Hvar, well everything is true. It is one the largest, most beautiful, most visited island of all that Croatia has to offer. This island is full of heritage dating back to more than 6000 years. And after you came back from time travel you can relax on one of the iconic beaches, refresh yourself with gastronomical marvels. A great plan when you need to gather some strength for the nightlife. It’s no wonder that this bright spot under the sun enjoys a reputation as a swanky destination.

For a sailor, the most important pieces of information are about anchorages. Most of them are around two of the most notable cities on the island. The city of Hvar and its older cousin Stari Grad. Both have their own harbor but in high season… Good luck making berth there. Better than waiting for a spot is to find a nearby anchorage. You can try in the bayes listed bellow. Some of them are located on Pakleni islands, which are connected to Hvar via a taxi service that opperates the whole season.

What to do on Hvar, where to eat and relax. We’ll cover that in our next post.

Uvala Zukov

located on the N coast of Hvar, at the beginning of the peninsula that protects the bay of Starigrad. Anchor by 12 to 6 m. Open to the N and NE.

Luka Vlaska

is a bay protected from all directions except the NW. Anchor by 12 to 4 m.

Glavna Uvala

Uvala Glavna is situated to the east of Rt Kabal. Open to the N and NW. There are bollards at the bottom of the bay. Anchor by 6 to 12 m and brought a rope above.

Luka Tiha Hvar

large bay on the N side of the bay of Starigrad and it is wide and deep. It has several coves offering safe anchorage. Entering, attention to the rock on the peak W, Mali Rati. The various parts of the bay provide every direction.

Luka Zavala

is located on the N coast of the bay of Starigrad. Open to SW. Anchor by 8 m.

Vela Garska

uvala is located at 1,5 NM at NW from Hvar port. No danger in the approach. Good protection from the W to E passing by N.

ACI Marina Palmizana

ACI Marina Palmizana has been created in the natural harbor of Palmizana on the NE coast of O. S. Klement. It is open from late March to mid-October. Approach: carefully – Hrid Baba, a reef with a rock bottom at 0.2 NM NNW of the entrance to the bay. The rock is marked by a beacon. You moor on mooring lines. Good shelter except N and NE.

Uvala Vinogradisce

is located at SE of O. Sveti Klement. Approach: attention at O. Stambedar and Hrid Plocice, located at 0,3 NM at S of the bay. Uvala Vinogradisce is sheltered against all winds apart from southwesterlies. The depths vary between 2 and 12 m.