Bare-boat catamaran charter means that you and your crew are fully responsible for safely operating the boat and successfully navigating Croatian coastal waters in the Adriatic sea.

Meeting these new challenges will improve your skills. Along with the responsibilities introduced on a bare-boat catamaran comes unlimited freedom to do exactly as and when you wish.

Bare-boating is like owning a catamaran for a week, with all the joys and agonies that ownership entails. Sail the places you have always dreamed of on board any of our stunning catamarans. If you want the experience, we have your dream catamaran. Kick off the lines and join the most dynamic global fleet for your next bare-boat catamaran vacation.

Maintenance of systems

Sailing the boat is the fun part. Fixing a clogged head isn’t, but it is a part of your responsibility as skipper. Your duty is to make sure the boat runs smoothly. Ensuring that all structural and mechanical components, utilities and habitual areas are in working order.

Make sure your crew knows:

  • The value of water on a boat
  • How to take a shower on the boat
  • How to change batteries
  • Electric power consumption