Why more and more people choose a catamaran over a sailboat?? Does the higher price account for the benefits these vessels offer??

Most catamaran owners will give you several reasons for their choice of a particular catamaran. The fact that they don’t heel much is usually at the top of the list. The overall speed of a well-designed cruising catamaran is greater than similar-sized monohulls. The space on a 42-foot catamaran would be similar to a 52-foot monohull. Being generally brighter and airier, with the main salon positioned higher in the center of a catamaran rather than in the back as on traditional monohulls.

To charter a catamaran mostly decide people who prefer more spacious cabins and more flat areas, while in monohull vessel everything is tailored for sailing. There for adjusting the hull to more heal and to fill the cabins with as many berths as possible. To achieve that a catamaran has in definition two hulls, allowing more spacious cabins (normally two in each hull), making a central platform an open salon.